Sombreuil Rose

Sombreuil Tea Noisette Rose

Sombreuil rose is an old, white climbing hybrid Tea Noisette rose with flowers that are quite exquisite.

The flowers have the color of old ivory, lightly tinged with pink, which is so typical of antique roses.

It was introduced in 1850.

They open into very double, flat rosettes with up to 100 creamy-white petals adorning this vintage climber.

The fragrance is very strong and reminiscent of honysuckle.

The flowers last well when cut, making this rose a valuable cutting flower for arrangements.

This plant puts on a superb show of flowers in mid-to-late spring, and then again later in the summer and into fall.

sombreuil rose


Mature plant height: 12 feet to 15 feet.

Bloom Size: 3.5 to 4 inches.

Bloom Time: early midseason, repeats.

Fragrance: rich perfume.

Year Introduced: 1850.

American Rose Society Rating: 8.7.

The canes are long and with mint green foilage that is very disease resistant.

This climber looks delightful trained on post or against a trellis or spilling over a fence.

This rose can survive -20F winters, but it's more likely to thrive and do well in milder climates.

Please note that it seems to do well in hot and humid climates with no disease on the foilage.

One person reported that it was blooming with abundance in the Southern California desert where tempratures were 110/115F.

So if you can only have one or two roses, this rose would be my choice.

Zones 7 to south, height 12-15 feet. Like the picture above shows the flowers are creamy white, with just a hint of pale pink in the center, and are held fairly upright in small clusters of three flowers, or sometimes singly.

Sombreuil rose flowers profusely, almost continuously, and sheds its faded petals naturally. The petals are somewhat soft, which means it flowers better in dry, warm weather.

The flowers last well when cut and look absolutely lovely in vases and arrangements. It's definitely one of my favorite roses for indoors.

'Sombreuil' roses also look lovely mixed with other soft pink roses in a vase or in the garden.

Below is a picture of 'Sombreuil' trained on an umbrella pillar. This rose is so easy to train, you can place it just in any climbing situation.

sombreuil rose

The best way I have seen this rose in a home garden, is trained along a wire fence, about six posts long.

The wires were spaced three in a row above the ground. Then three 'Sombreuil's' were trained horizontally along the fence.

It was a beautiful sight to behold.


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