Spider Web Insects
Tenting Over Rose Plant

by Susan
(Regina. SK, Canada)

QUESTION: I have a miniature rose that I had outside, then brought in for the winter.

I went to check it to see if it needed any attention.

There is a spider web type tenting over different parts of plant that had not been there 2 days ago.

What is it, what would cause it, and is there anything I can do to save plant?

ANSWER: Hi Susan! It sounds like a classic spider mites infestation. It looks like webbing on the plants.

Houseplants are the most susceptible usually.
Bring the plant outside asap and take your garden hose and hose the plant down, be sure to get the undersides of the leaves, where they suck sap.

Then run out and buy Ortho Rose and Flower Insect Killer.

Cover the undersides of all leaves thouroughly.

Repeat application 2 more times every 7 days.

Mites thrive in dry hot conditions (70 degrees F and above) and can build up tremendous numbers, so act quickly to save the rose plant.
Best Regards,

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