Starting a climbing Rose In A Pot

by Debbie Zimnock
(Tucson, Arizona)

Hi. My name is Debbie. I live in Tucson, Arizona. As you know, it gets to be triple digits here for most of the summer. We are at 80's and 90's now. I just planted three separate rose bushes that are climbing roses. The planter is large, each plant is in its own planter. I made one mistake the day I planted them. I planted one of my rose plants upside down and it sat in the sun for most of the day like that. Poor thing! I have since corrected this. Now, it seems like its turning brown quickly! I think I killed it. The other two are starting to grow pretty pinkish/red shoots already. I pruned all the dead wood off all of them...the one I planted upside down is down to just the main stem now. I have never grown roses, I bought these through the mail and they are called Pinata Roses, Climbing Roses!

I am planning to make a 4' wide, 2' deep planter for each of them with a lattice panel behind them. I still don't know how to create a climbing wall and "arbor" like top, but, once I get the main planter done, I will have come up with something.

My question is how heavy do these roses get? What kind of wood should I use to support each plant? How soon will they need to be trained to the supports?

I know I will also have to get proper food for them. I am only watering them once or twice a day, they are in full sun most of the day facing South. Is there any other food/plant mix I should use besides the moisture control soil I planted them in?

Oops...I've asked too many questions!

Thank you for your time...I hope to hear from you soon.
Ms. Debbie Zimnock

Hello Debbie,
Yes that's a lot of questions. However, I have the answers on a few pages.
Here is my page about growing roses in containers.
For climbing roses you should insert a trellis and train the climbers on it as soon as possible.
Here is my page about planting climbing roses.

My page about climbing roses is a complete guide to climbing roses.

Since you live in Arizona you must read my page about growing roses in Arizona.
I am afraid the Pinata rose that you planted upside down, can't understand how that happened, got it's roots dried out in the sun so most likely it's dead.
Kind Regards,

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