Sub Zero Roses

sub zero roses

Cold Climate Roses

You need to buy sub zero roses, cold climate roses, and explorer roses, if you are gardening in cold climate zones zones 5 and below.

In areas such as Canada interior, the Great Plains, the Midwest and the New England states it is a must to plant cold hardy roses.

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One thing to remember and understand that there are no cold climate hybrid tea roses, as tea roses are very cold tender, and will suffer from winterkill in cold winter region zones 5 or below.

Fortunately, truly cold hardy shrub roses and old garden roses can be grown without pampering in these region.

I recommend you plant only cold hardy, beautiful low maintenance roses for cold winter climates with sub zero temperatures.

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Take a look at this beautiful pre-planned rose garden with wonderful sub zero hardy roses!

sub zero roses

Belle Poitevine

sub zero roses

Hansa Rose

sub zero roses

Hope For Humanity

sub zero roses

Morden Blush

sub zero roses

Morden Sunrise

sub zero roses

Rambling Red

sub zero roses

Redleaf Rose

sub zero roses

Snow Pavement

sub zero roses

White Rugosa

sub zero roses

Therese Bugnet

sub zero roses

William Baffin

sub zero roses More Subzero Roses

Rugosa Roses are among the most cold hardy sub zero roses, hardy to zone 2, where winter temperatures can drop to -50F (-46C).

Explorer roses , which were developed in Canada, survive well without special winter protection in sub zero temperatures of that region.

William Baffin Rose, a wonderful climbing Explorer rose, is not only cold hardy, but it's also very disease resistant according to cold climate gardeners.

Carefree Beauty is another great rose to grow in any harsh sub zero climate rose garden.

It grows well in extreme cold and is also disease resistant, and it blooms nearly nonstop from June until frost.


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