Suckers on Hybrid Tea Roses

by David Hardy
(Melbourne /australia)

QUESTION Dear Annelie, Thank you for your very helpful web site. I find it well set out and comprehensive (enough for me). However I haven't found what to do about correctly identifying water shoots (suckers). I believe they are vigoruos vertical shoots that mainly produce just leaves and that they arise from below the graft and should be removed. Thats how I've treated them in the past. Is that the right thing to do?
ANSWER Hello David, thanks for your nice comments about my rose site.
What you have are rose suckers. I have never heard anybody calling them "water shoots" before. Maybe it's an Australian term.
Anyway, you did well to remove them asap, as you have done in the past.
These suckers suck energy from your rose plant so they should be removed.
Here is my page about rose suckers, it will explain about why suckers appear on grafted roses and how to get rid of them properly.
Happy Rose Gardening,

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