Summer Rose Care

Rose Gardening in Summer

Here are my tips for summer rose care and doing rose gardening during summer. Following these tips below will keep you roses healthy and productive during the summer months.

July and August brings the hottest days of the summer, so it's important that you make the most of your time in your garden of roses.

my arbor garden gate

I couldn't help sharing my photo of my arbor covered with the the pink climbing Cecile Brunner rose. It was taken in July.

Most of us know these things, but it doesn't hurt to take a moment and review the care roses need during the summer.

During summer roses get stressed during hot and humid weather

I recommend that you check your roses often, daily would be great.

Check the undersides of the leaves where mites like to hide.

It is a good idea to hose down your roses early in the morning once a week. Don't forget the undersides of the foilage. This is one of the best summer rose care you can give your roses.

You'll be surprised how much this will cut down on disease and pests during summer.

When you check your roses often, you can take action right away, before things get out of hand.

Many gardeners neglect to give their roses enough water regularly during the summer, this will cause the foilage to turn brown and loose leaves.

You can't rely on summer rains to water the roses. That will not be enough to deep water them most of the time.

My tips below is the regimen I personally use during the growing season for all my garden roses, and that's why my roses are always blooming and are very healthy.

WATERING ROSES: Summer rose care means making sure you roses are getting enough water. I use a Moisture Sensor Meter that I stick into the soil on both sides of each rose bush. This is the most acurate way to find out how much moisture there is about 10 inches down in your soil around your roses.

Roses need water to be able to take up nutrients in the soil and for protection.

A rose that is well hydrated can more easily fend off diseases.

So when you do water, always give your roses a good, deep soaking.

If you have well prepared soil with good drainage, it's almost impossable to over-water your roses during the summer.

DISEASE and PEST PREVENTION: You need to be keeping disease in check and harmful pests out of your garden.

I recommend using Bayer 32-Ounce All in One Rose and Flower Care Concentrate because it helps your roses 3 ways: pest control and disease protection as well as feeding your roses.

There is no spraying, you simply mix it with water and pour it around your roses 3 times during the growing season.

It's a product I personally use for my roses, so I can verify its effectiveness. It's simply the best rose care product I have ever used.

Don't forget to water your roses well the day before when using this, or any other rose products.

FEED YOUR ROSES: Roses are heavy feeders and you should continue a good fertilization regiment throughout the summer.

Always deep water your roses the day before feeding them, and also after, to avoid burning the feeder roots.

If you like to use an organic fertilizer I recommend Bradfield Organics Rose Food 4-6-3 Natural Fertilizer - 5 lb 66411. I also use Scotts Miracle-Gro For Roses 18-24-16 (1 1/2 Pounds) every 3 weeks during the growing season at 1 tablesppon per gallon of water.

SUMMER ROSE TIP: Blooms in the summer are smaller because the heat causes them to grow quicker, usually with fewer petals. Your rose growing goal is to keep as many of the leaves on the bush and keep them healthy. Cut off spent blooms in the summer trying to leave as much foilage as possible. Avoid taking long stem cuttings. During the hottest weather wash down your roses with a water wand, as long as there is enough time remaining in the day for the leaves to dry off.

ADD ORGANICS TO SOIL: Summer rose care includes adding organics to your soil. After my yearly pruning I add a shovel of organic soil amendment to give my roses the longer term effect of organic feeding.

By May it's time to put down another shovel of organics per rose bush. Lightly scratch it into the soil.

By August it's time to for another organics application.

Depending on where you live this should carry you through the rest of the year.

In climates that are warmer for most of the year, you may do another application later in the year.

DEADHEAD SPENT BLOOMS: Remove old spent flowers from your rose plants. This encourages the plant to begin another bloom cycle.

Use a quality pair of bypass pruners with sharp blades.

My pruner recommendation is always the Felco Classic Hand Pruner. They are very durable with easy to re-place springs and blades.

Well there is all there is to summer rose care. Practice all of the above, and I guarantee you will have great rose bushes with lots of flowers all summer long.


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