Sunsprite Rose


A Yellow Floribunda Rose


Yellow Roses Mean Friendship

Sunsprite rose, a floribunda rose, also known as Friesia rose, was introduced by Kordes, Germany, in 1977.

Many consider this to be the finest and best yellow floribunda rose in existence, and one of the top 10 roses of all time.

A lot of people like yellow roses, because the meaning of a yellow rose stands for true friendships and happiness in the home.

sunsprite rose

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The oval buds of opens into double, ruffled yellow flowers that are saucer shaped and about three inches across.

The bright yellow flower clusters are intensely fragrant with a scent of licorice or spicy sweet. The yellow rose flower is produced in abundance and bloom over a long season from late spring until frost arrives.

If you are thinking of growing yellow roses for friendship, or want a wedding bouquet of yellow roses, this is an ideal rose for your garden. These roses are also wonderful as yellow roses in a vase, or as a bouquet of yellow roses for an arrangement.

Yellow Roses For Friendship

Fresh yellow roses, make a wonderful gift for someone special, such as a friend, as yellow roses symbolize friendship. Single yellow roses that are fragrant are always a wonderful way to surprise your best friends with.

Growing Sunsprite Roses

This is an upright rose bush and grows to about 2-3 feet tall and wide. Because of it's compact size it's an easy plant to place in your garden. It's ideal in beds and flower borders and looks especially wonderful when combined with purple or blue-colored flower companions, such as the Balloon flower, Bellflower, French lavender or edging lobelias.

This rose looks great planted along walks, patios and also grown in large containers.

Zones 5-10, height 2-3 feet (up to 1m).


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