Take Care Of Rose

Caring For Rose Bushes

How to take care of rose, caring for roses bushes and the general care of roses is really quite simple and not at all as complicated as some people would have you believe.

Growing healthy rose bushes is simply applying a few basic principles of horticulture (the art and science of the cultivation of plants).

Don't be confused by all the conflicting information about rose growing and care of rose bushes.

Most roses demand the basic requirements in order to grow and flower at their best: Sun, Soil, Water and Food.

Another thing that many overlook is that the rose plants need rich soil that has excellent drainage.

If you plant your roses in a spot with poor drainage, they will eventually die, and sooner than later.

take care of rose

Care Of Rose Bushes - What Do Roses Need

Roses Need Sun

Morningsun is prefered to afternoon sun. In fact most roses could use a little afternoon shade in the heat of summer.

A minimum of six hours of direct sun per day is essential for the plant to grow and produce flowers.

Roses Need Good Soil

Good soil and the correct soil, is an important element for growing most anything.

For roses the best soil is made up of a mixture of inorganic, mineral and organic components.

Amending the soil with well-rotted manure will improve the soil and your roses will thrive and give you lots of blooms.

A well-draining soil is a must for roses, as they hate 'wet feet', and will wilt and die if allowed to stand in water.

Roses Need A Specific Amount Of Water Each WeeK

When you take care of roses, you want roses to grow and produce continuous flowers.

So therefore it is absolutely essential that roses receive regular and enough water to maintain all that blooming power.

Especially during the first three years. Established roses that have been deep watered regularly for several years, will have developed deep root sytems, and therefore become quite drought tolerant.

Applying frequent sprinkling of water, will be counter-productive, as the roots never have a chance to go deep.

How much and how frequently to water is a mystery to most gardeners. But the rules for watering roses are actually simple.

Caring for rose bushes requires you to supply regular water for roses to grow and flower, and they should never be allowed to dry out between waterings.

If you live in an area without regular and dependable rain, or have long dry spells, it will be necessary to deep water the roses regularly.

About 4-5 gallon of water per rose bush, per week, is about right.

Soil with lots of clay will need less watering and sandy soils should be watered more frequently.

Roses Need The Correct Rose Food

Roses are hungry for food. They need regular feedings of a balanced ferilizer to encourage re-blooming.

The most important nutrient for plants, including roses, is nitrogen.

For roses it is important to find a time-release fertilizer that provides both time-release and soluble nitrogen.

Time re-release fertilizers will deliver regular and constant amounts of nutrients over a three- to four month period.

The soluble nitrogen will give an immediate boost of vitality.

Once you have selected a good balanced fertilizer that has around 14 percent nitrogen or more, read and follow the package instructions carefully.

However, by supplementing these slow-release feedings with shots of soluble, quick-release nitrogen just before bloom cycles, you will help boost the roses into bloom.

After reading this information on how to take care of rose and caring for rose bushes, you should have no problem growing beautiful roses, especially if you follow these rules.


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