Talisman Rose

by Paula
(Dallas, Texas)

QUESTION: My mother had a rose bush years ago called a Talisman.
The Talisman rose was huge, like a soup bowl.
It was a pale creamy yellow, the edges of the petals were
pastels, pink, green, blue purple all on the same flower.
It has long since died with help from a nasty relative.
I was wondering if you have ever seen or heard of this rose.
I have been looking for one like it for years, it is simular
to a Peace Rose but larger and more colors on each rose.
Thank you,
Paula Etchieson
ANSWER: Hello Paula, Yes I have heard of it but never seen it in person.
The Talisman rose was introduced by Montgomery, USA in 1929 and quickly received the (ARS)American Rose Society Gold Medal in 1929. It's parents are 'Ophelia x 'Souvenir de Claudius Pernet'.
This rose variety was one of the few pre-1939 large flowered roses to retain its popularity for many years after the war.
It's actually a good rose to grow for both horticultural and historical reasons.
I don't have a source for it.
I do recommend that you contact the American Rose Society for Texas, and ask if any members know where to find it.
I am a member of the Los Angeles Rose Society and the American Rose Society.
I asked around but didn't find a source.
Best Regards,

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