Old Tea Roses

tea roses

'Tea' Rose Information

Old tea roses are the ancestors of the modern hybrid tea. Teas bloom repeatedly all summer with large full blossoms. As their name suggests, they have a wonderful tea fragrance.

The 'tea' rose is the backbone of the warm climate gardens, as they are cold tender and should only be grown in zones 7-11.

They were grown mainly in France at first, since they are unsuited for colder climates. That's why they mostly have French names.

tea roses

Duchesse de Brabant 'Tea' Rose

The members of the 'tea' rose class tend to form V-shaped rose bushes that are covered with foilage and flowers, although there are some really great climbers, such as the gorgeous and mannerly white climbing rose in the picture below.

tea roses

Sombreuil 'Tea' Rose

The flower colors are mostly pastels, with a few good red teas, and have a unique perfume scent that reminds people of tea, hence their name.

Pruning Tips For Old Teas

These old teas don't like to be pruned to hard, unlike the modern hybrid teas. So don't cut back more than 1/3 of the top growth when pruning these old roses. Zones 7-11, height 4-5 feet.


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