The Dark Lady Rose

the dark lady rose

Rose Dark Lady

Rose The Dark Lady rose, has beautiful flowers that resemble tree peonies. Although its name implies it's a dark red rose, its color is more of a bright red, or crimson.

This is one of the roses that will do well in Florida or the South. So if you live there, and would like to plant roses, this is a good rose.

The large loose petaled flowers are absolutely beautiful and very, very fragrant. Some flowers come in clusters, so they may cause the stem to bow.

the dark lady

Picture of Rose Dark Lady

Dark Lady rose is an English rose from David Austin. His roses do well in Florida also. The foilage is medium to dark green, but can be prone to mildew in cetain areas.

The growth habit is bushy and upright, moderately vigorous, and spreading a bit. In hot climates this rose will grow to more than 4 feet. Otherwise its grows to about 3 feet.

The 'Dark Lady' rose repeat flowers quickly after deadheading. This rose is wonderful in a flower border mixed with Perennials in white, blue or light pink colors. Zones 6-10

the dark lady

Dark Lady Rose Bushes

the dark lady rose

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'The Dark Lady' rose has large, loose roses of deep red. 'Dark Lady' roses are strongly fragrant and bloom on plants that have a spreading habit. It has Mid-green foliage and is free flowering. It is a David Austin rose.


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