The Fairy Rose Bush

the fairy rose

Fairy Roses - The Fairy Shrub Rose

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'The Fairy' roses are modern pink Polyatha rose that are repeat-flowering.

Although this rose starts blooming later than almost any other rose, once its starts, it gives a fantastic show of flowers for weeks on end.

The lovely rosette formed flowers are made up of many tiny petals.

The flowers arrives in dainty sprays of blooms all over the bush, all in an even light pink color.

the fairy rose

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Even between flower flushes, 'The Fairy' rose plant remains very attractive with a lush dense foilage of small, bright green, pointed leaves.

I love it as a patio rose, or as a small plant in a flower border.

The 'Fairy' roses can be used many different ways, such as low rose hedges, or to front a border, trail over a low wall, or even planted in a large container.

It doesn't have much fragrance, but it's such a sweet looking rose that you'll forgive that.

the fairy rose

If pruned the rose will stay quite dwarf, but if you allow it to grow unchecked, it will grow to a small shrub.

'The Fairy' is said to be the World's most popular Polyantha rose.

It's sure to easy to grow and take care of, that for certain.

In late fall, the blooms are followed by small orange rose hips, that the birds in your garden will love.

It aslo grows quickly from cuttings.

Just take cuttings and stick them where you want. Keep them watered, and you'll have a brand new Fairy bush.

'The Fairy' was introduced by Bentall, Britain in 1932.

It's hardy to zone 6, and grows to 2.5 feet tall, with a 4 feet spread.


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