Almost Thornless Roses

Roses With No Thorns
Or Very Few Thorns

Growing thornless roses, especially climbers with no thorns makes the job of trimming roses so much easier.

A rose with very few thorns, is especially useful when gardening roses for kids.

Roses with smooth stems are hard to find, as almost all roses are thorny.

But below are a few thorn free roses that are available now.

Some are actually totally thornless.

There are a few of these kinds of roses to choose from, so you do not have to grow roses with thorny stems.

But the selection is a lot less.

If you have a hard time training and pruning climbing roses with thorny stems, try one of these delightful and beautiful climbing roses with very few thorns.

They have very few thorns and are so easy to grow, and are also extremely disease resistant.

These roses with very few thorns will also repeat flower every 45 days.


Wonderfully fragrant hybrid tea rose with long stems on a compact plant with lots of flower power and blooms that lasts a long time in a vase.

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Almost Thornless Rose Bushes


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'Paul Neyron' rose is a hybrid perpetual rose bush growing to about 4-6 feet tall and wide. The fragrant blooms are huge and very beautiful

You'll like the fact that it's thornless of course, but that this rose is also very disease free. Perfect for a beginner to rose gardening.

Pruning roses in the spring can have it's price.

Of course, with strong leather gloves you can avoid the rose thorns.

So you don't have to look up the first-aid kit.

Below I am presenting a list of the best climbing rose varieties with no thorns.

There is even a song written about rose thorns by the American rock band 'Poison'. The song named 'Every Rose Has It's Thorn', was released in 1988. It was the bands first and only number one hit. This song was named as one of the greatest songs of the 1980's.

Climbing Roses That Are Thornless

thornless roses Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose

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thornless roses Click Here To Buy Veilchenblau Rambler Rose (Rosa 'Veilchenblau')

Most of these roses are not only scented, but are very disease resistant and easy to grow.

Another rose with no thorns is the Climbing Cecile Brunner Rose.

It's a very spectacular climbing thornless rose that I like a lot.

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