Tiffany Hybrid Tea Rose Bush

by Charlene Ulrick
(Beatrice, NE, USA)

QUESTION: I purchased a Tiffany rose bush several years ago and loved it.

I don't remember where I bought it or I would go back to them to try to find another one.

I have since thought about it often and look for the name whenever I see rose bushes advertised for sale.

I have had no luck in finding it. I finally listened to the thoughts from my brain and decided to look on the internet.

That's when I found your site. I was so thrilled that you had one listed.

The Tiffany Hybrid Tea Rose that I had was everything that you describe in your listing of it.

The aroma was out of this world; all I had to do was walk by the bush and inhale to enjoy the wonderful aroma.

It was also the tallest bush that I had in my rose bed, around 6 feet tall.

And the blooms were almost too numerous to keep up with dead heading.

But I religiously attended to it and it in turn rewarded me beautifully. Now you see why I want to find another one.

The reason I don't have the original bush any more is that I moved from that house in 2007 and was not able to take the bush with me.

I am now in a place where I can again plant rose bushes and want to try to find this same bush.

I hope you will be able to help me recreate the good feeling I had when I had this rose bush.

I know it can never be outdone by another rose.
Charlene Ulrick

ANSWER: Hi Charlene! I have good news for you. I just put a purchase link on my Tiffany Rose Page.

Just click on the link to buy the Tiffany rose bush.

Once on that link page scroll down to Tiffany rose information. All roses are listed in alphabetical order, so it will be toward the bottom.

I agree that it's hard to find a more gorgeous rose that smells soo good.

I also love that it produces an abundance of blooms during the growing season.

No wonder it's a gold medal winning rose.
Best Regards,

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