Tiffany Rose

tiffany rose

Tiffany Hybrid Tea Rose

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Tiffany rose is a gorgeous and very beautiful garden rose.

The 'Tiffany' hybrid tea rose has the most classic tea rose formed flowers that looks esquisite in a flower vase.

It's sort of the perfect rose flower.

It's grown for fragrance, shape and color.

'Tiffany' produces an abundance of blooms throughout the season.

This rose has won many awards, and is a Gold Medal Winner, and an AARS Award Winning Rose.

The large flowered style high centers blooms have an intense sweet rose fragrance.

tiffany rose

Picture Of 'Tiffany'Rose

The 'Tiffany' rose bush is an excellent choice for flower beds and borders.

It looks especially great when combined with low growing blue perennials, such as the hardy 'Johnson Blue' geranium.

The blue colored flowers really highlighs the stunning pink flowers of 'Tiffany'.

It blooms continously all season, almost without stopping, if deadheaded regularly.

The plant grows vigorously and upright to above average height, and has plentiful green glossy foilage.

The rose was named for the famous Tiffany jeweler with a shop on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Zones 5-9.


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