To Spray Or Not To Spray?...

by Terri
(Hot Springs, Arkansas)

YOUR ROSE QUESTION: Dear Annelie, I am so glad you are available!

I learn a lot from you, thank you for what you do! I have more questions for you...

I just "rescued" a rose called F J Grootendorst from a store clearance bin.

I understand it is a hybrid rugosa. This is my first of this type so I am unfamiliar with it.

I have read that rugosa roses hate being sprayed or being fed chemical fertilizers, does that apply to hybrid rugosas as well?

If so, can you tell me how to care for this rose as far as fertilizing and what to do to prevent black spot?

Also, the rose had 2 tags on it, one said it was the Grootendorst, the other said "Blaze 2".

I am pretty sure it is not a Blaze because the rose color is more pinkish red.

Blaze would be more red wouldn't it? Also I had admired some Grootendorst roses at this same store earlier in the year and I recall it looking similar to this one.

What makes me doubt myself is the leaves are not crinkled as described on Grootendorst in my rose book.
I am sending a picture for you to see. Hopefully you can help me know for sure. Thanks Annelie for your time,


Hi Terri,
This is positively the Grootendorst hybrid rugosa.
The leaves crinkle more as the rose matures.

The Blaze rose has very red blooms, like you said, and the flower shape is totally different.
Blaze has smooth dark green leaves.

You don't have to spray the Grootendorst rugosa, because they don't get blackspot or any other rose diseases. And rugosas don't like being sprayed.

Grow it in moist, fertile soil. You can fertlize if you want to but if you add organic compost you don't have to add fertilizer.
It's a great rose to have. Prune it in spring by about a third.

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