Too Much Sun For Roses?

by Abby Rose

QUESTION: Hello. Your website is lovely and so informative, but I don't see this answered directly...My Knockout rosebush, about 3 years old, is planted in the center of our front lawn and really takes a beating in the summer sun. I keep it well watered but its leaves still seem to look somewhat "baked". This summer I swear I am ready to place a beach umbrella near it to create some shade! It is otherwise a very healthy bush and produces lots of blooms, although I suspect it might be growing larger if less taxed by the sun. Any suggestions?
Thank you, Abby Rose
ANSWER: Hello Abby, I like your last name! To answer your question regarding too much sun for roses. Roses can take as much sun there is, but your problem seems to be that the sun is too hot.
I din't think Illinois would get scorching sun. I garden in Los Angeles and we can get hot weather here during the summer. My knockout roses, or any of my roses, have never been affected by too much sun.
The secret to grow roses in hot climates has always been water, water and more water.
You must deep water your roses. Lay the hose for an hour and let the water run slowly by the base of your rose bush.
Addding a 4 inch layer of mulch will help keep the roots cool.
I always underplant my rose bushes with low growing perennials. That helps a lot.Here is one of my pages with a picture of my knockout roses by my back porch that are underplanted with perennial nemesias.
Knockout Rose Page.
The fact that your roses have scorched leaves tells me that they don't get enough water, or maybe the knockout roses are unable to take up water and nutrients because the pH level in your soil is way off. Check your pH level in your soil.
Here is the page for that information:
Soil For Roses.
Hope this helps you out.
Kind Regards,

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