Top 10 Climbing Roses

Best Climbing Roses For Your Garden

How Will You Know Which of These
Best Climbing Roses
Are Right For Your Garden?

A list of the top 10 climbing roses, and also what everybody ought to know about climbing roses, is that not all of these top climbing roses are great for every climate zone.

Find out what zone you are in by contacting your local garden center that sells roses, before buying any of these climbing roses.

Or contact your local Rose Society and ask if any of these top ten climbing roses are suited for your areas climate conditions.

However, Most climbing roses are cold tender, so don't plant a climber in very cold zones below 5 for example.

Having a Climbing Rose Garden and doing vertical gardening is one of the best ways to use roses in your garden. I have a lot of ideas where to put a climbing rose.

The most obvious is to train a climbing rose up an arbor, pillar, trellis, fence or house wall.

This article will give you detailed information for the best climbing rose flower for a rose fence garden, climbing rose garden pictures, names of climbing roses, climbers for flower garden landscape and a climbing rose home garden.

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However all are noted for their beauty, resilience, proven performance and availability.

When planting climbing roses you need to know how to grow and train a climbing rose.

Also check out the page on this site about pruning climbing rose bushes.

Top 10 climbing roses

top 10 climbing roses

White Climbing Iceberg Rose

Isn't this a fabulous picture! The climber around the french door of this wonderful bungalow is Climbing Iceberg rose. Two roses planted on each side and overlapping above. Quite enchanting, I think.

Climbing Iceberg rose is on the top 10 climbing roses list.

The other roses in the picture are white iceberg shrub roses and in front of the window doors, a newly planted Queen Elizabeth rose.

It might be too big for this area in a few years, it's a grandiflora rose, however it can be pruned down to stay in bounds.

The best climbing rose companions are blue or white delphiniums, common foxgloves, stargazer lilies, catmint, lavender and cosmos.

Plant these in front and around the climbers to make them shine.

Some of these top 10 climbing roses are ideal for climbing rose container gardening and container planting.

Important Climbing Rose Tip

Dont' worry if your Climbing Roses don't bloom well for the first year or two.

They need time to build up long canes for flowering growth and building feeder roots.

After that, you will be rewarded with an abundance of blooms, year after year.

Top Ten Climbing Roses, Climbing Rose Bushes

Take a look at these outstanding Top 10 Climbing Roses, listed by color for your convenience.

Pink Climbing Roses

Pink Climbing roses are perfect for a romantic cottage garden look.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a vintage looking house, pink climbing roses are the ultimate garden plants to enhance a romantic cottage garden.

Click on the links below for superb examples of pink climbers.

New Dawn Rose, A Pink Climbing Rose

Pierre de Ronsard, or Eden, Climbing Rose

Climbing Zephirine Drouhin Rose

Climbing Cecile Brunner Rose

William Baffin Rose, A Hardy Climbing Rose

Yellow Climbing Roses

There is no better way to brighten up a garden than with yellow climbing roses.

They really make your garden pop. The links below are outstanding examples of yellow climbers that are fragrant and very beautiful and disease resistant.

Golden Showers Rose, A Yellow Climbing Rose

Rosa Banksiae Lutea, Yellow Lady Banks Rose

Climbing Red Roses

Red roses are always spectacular and showy, but climbing red roses are even more so.

Place them at the back of the garden as a focal point. Your eyes are automatically drawn to them.

So these outstanding red roses made the list of the Top 10 Climbing Roses. I highly recommend each and every one of them.

The links below are examples of some of the best climbing red roses with pictures and cultural information.

Blaze Rose, The Best Of The Climbing Red Roses

Climbing Don Juan Rose, A Red Fragrant Climbing Rose

Climbing Altissimo Rose

Climbing White Roses

White climbing roses are easy to place in a garden, because the color is compatable with all colors in the garden.

White roses gives a calming and serene feeling to any landscape.

They glow in the twilight of the day, and if you have garden lights, they can really brighten up an evening in the garden.

I adore white roses wrapped around a porch or entrance for a soft a soft romantic look.

Sally Holmes Rose, A Very Popular White Climbing Rose

Sombreuil Rose, A White Climbing Hybrid Tea Rose

Climbing Iceberg Rose, A Trouble Free White Rose

Variegated Climbing Roses

Variegated Climbing roses are especially eye catching and make stunning garden displays.

Here are some of the best and most popular of the variegated climbing roses, that are perfect for a home garden.

Click on the links below for pictures and information about each of these fabulous top 10 climbing roses that are variegated.

Fourth of July Climbing Rose, A Stunning Climber For Your Garden

Rosa Variegata di Bologna, An Italian Peppermint Rose

Josephs Coat Rose, This Climber Puts On A Real Show

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