Transplant Rose Now
To Save the Plant

by J Rowett
(Carson city, NV)


I have a mature rose bush, 4 years in its location. Because of building to begin within a week I need help as how to save the plant.
Thank you


Hello J. Rowett,
Yes, you have no choice but to move the rose now. It might not survive the transplant.

But here is what you should do to help the rose survive.

First, buy some transplant shock liquid and follow instructions carefully. Then before digging up the rose, soak it in the current location for several days.

Meanwhile, dig the new hole and have it ready. 2 feet deep and 2 feet wide is the best.
Buy a couple of large bags of organic compost for roses and use that to in the hole. Put some in the bottom and gently lower the rose down and fill in the the rest.

When digging up the plant, dig about 2 feet around it with the shovel at an angle. This way the rose will not loose too many feeder roots.

It will still loose some, and need to grow back new once in the new place, which should be a sunny spot. Some late afternoon shade would actually be good. You are in Nevada after all.

Don't expect the rose to perk up right away. It will be traumatic for it so it might not flower much if any.

Keep it watered deeply several times a week. And add a couple of inches, or more, of mulch around the base.

Your picture shows dirt that looks very dry on top, with no mulch. That's not good. Don't treat roses that way.

Here is my page about transplanting roses.

I suggest you read it.

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