Transplanted Rose Bush Not Flowering

by Sue O'Neill
(Kitchener ON, Canada)

I have transplanted a couple of small wild rose bush shoots from my aunt's place. They have been planted a few years and are starting to spread. However I still have not gotten any roses on it. Is it possible that it will never bloom?

Hello Sue,
If you transplanted small shoots it most likely will take several years for those shoots to mature and be a real flowering bush.

My mother in Sweden used to take cuttings from friends gardens and it usually took 4-5 years before they grew into a rose bush and began flowering.

You could add some Epson Salts to the soil and scratch it in, and then deep water so it reaches the roots.

It has magnesium sulfate which stimulates growth and flowering, and roses love it and respond to it very well. Use 1/2 cup per rose.

Only time will tell if the transplanted shoots will take off and flower. But I think they eventually will if you planted them in a sunny spot with good soil that drains well.
Best Regards,

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