Transplanted Roses

by Gary


I recently moved and took some of my favorite roses with me.
They seem to have survived the move,but the problem is the blooms are only about half the size they were.
My question is,is this a permanent condition and what can I do to help this condition?

The roses in question are mojave,montezuma,kordes perfecta,and crimson glory.Their blooms are only about 2" in diameter.

Hello Gary,
Obviously, the roses suffered some trauma when being transplanted.

This is very common. They don't have energy to produce the larger blooms now, because they lost many feeder roots when you dug them up.

Feeder roots are essential for taking up nutrients and moisture.

They have to grow below, before they can grow above.
So next season your roses will be established in their new spots and will produce normal size blooms.
You were lucky that you didn't loose any of them.

Here is my page about transplanting roses.
I created a web page about your question because other gardeners will benefit from your submission and my answer.
I was able to do that because you filled out your e-mail address properly.
Many never get an answer from me, because I can't, with no e-mail.

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