Transplanting An Old Rose Bush

by Micheal Brown

QUESTION: Hello! My question is, I have a rose bush that is about 50 years old or older.

I am in central Texas (Dallas area) the soil is black dirt I am wanting to transplant to sandy soil will this work?

And does it require watering eveyday for 3 weeks? After planting?
Michael Brown

ANSWER: Hi Michael! Old roses can be moved and transplanted.

But it's seldom worth the effort unless the rose is extremely rare, or precious.

The best time to transplant old rose plants is in the fall.

Although in can be moved, with care, during the dormant season in late winter or early spring.

You should first do a bit of root pruning.

You'll find that information on my page about transplanting roses.

First prepare the new planting hole, and then cut back the canes of the old rose by a three quarters.

Next lift up the old rose with a strong garden fork.

Shake off all the soil, with the help of another person.

Finally trim off any damaged and overly long roots.

Re-plant the rose bush in it's new spot as soon as possible.

Use planting compost and firm the soil down, then water in.

Regular watering should continue until the rose is established.

I recommend buying a "moisture meter" at your garden center.

I use it all the time to see if my plants need water.

Do not let the roots dry out.

If you plant in a sandy area, you need to add 50% compost to the sandy soil.

And you most likely will have to water more often, as sandy soils don't hold water long.

It's fast draining which is good, but requires more frequent watering.

Wait to fertlize until you see new growth on the old transplaned rose bush.

Here is my page about old garden roses
Best Regards,

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