Transplanting Old Rose Bushes

by Missy Bryant
(Lookout MTN Georgia )

My cousin has lost her old home place and told me to get any plants I want.
There are 2 roses that have been there as long as I can remember (46 yrs old) a pale pink and pale yellow.
They are huge and I want to get them for my yard but I'm not sure how or if even possible.

If I can't get the entire bush can I get part of it? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Hello Missy,
Transplanting old established rose bushes that are very large is not an easy undertaking.

I suggest you take a few cuttings first, just in case the roses will not survive the transplant.
Here is my page about growing roses from cuttings.

Before you do the transplant, have the new spot prepared and ready to be planted.

You should also read my page about transplanting roses.

There is a couple of paragraphs about how to transplant very old, established rose bushes.

You should have some transplant shock liquid on hand before you attempt moving the bushes.
Best Regards,

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