Transplanting Roses From Pots To Ground

by Vern L. Collins
(NE corner of CT)

YOUR ROSE QUESTION: I have seven potted roses that I would like to move into a new rose garden.

When and how should I do this? At present they are in large containers ( 5 gallon & 10 gal.).

Thank you
Vern L. Collins


Hello Vern,
You should do that transplant as soon as possible.

This will make it possible for the roses to grow a good root system with lots of feeder roots before winter comes.

You should prepare the new homes (holes) and use Miracle Grow for soil for roses in each hole.
It has all the nutrients the roses will need to grow fast.

You should add about half a cup or more of Epson Salts and sprinkle it around the roots mixing it with the Miracle Grow soil.

Be careful when you take the plants out of the pots, so the roots won't be disturbed.

You should buy some "transplant shock" liquid before doing anything.

Follow the directions on the label.

Here is my page about Planting a rose garden.

Read that page carefully. Toward the end are tips for planting container grown roses in the ground.


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