Trimming Knock Out Roses


Hellow from Denny and Ida Our knock out roses are so beautiful we would like to trim them back because they are getting so tall. It is late August and hot dry weather. If I trim them back now will I harm them? Thank you, Denny and Ida


Hi Denny and Ida,

You didn't mention where you live, but you could do a light summer pruning for your Knockout roses now. But I mean light.
It wont harm them. I do it myself, because my Knockouts and other roses tend to grow too tall toward the end of summer.

The major pruning is done once a year. The time depends on where you live. I garden in Los Angeles and we prune roses here in early January.

After you trim your knockout roses, give them a little rose food, after deep watering them. You will then have another flower flush when the weather cools down.

Here is my page about pruning knockout roses:

Pruning Knockout Roses

Happy Day

... Annelie

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