Trimming Roses

by Sandi Gray
(Gurley Alabama, Madison)

QUESTION: My rose bushes has started blooming, is it too late to trim them back?

You didn't say where in the world you are. Madison is not an exact location for me. Sorry.

If you are in the USA, this what you should do.

But if you are in a warm climate zone, which I think you are, you should simply add some rose food at this stage. It is too late to prune.

You also didn't say if the rose is a repeat-flowering rose, but if it is, you could do a short summer pruning after the initial flower flush.

However, if this is an once-flowering rose (meaning it only flower once in summer, you should ONLY prune (trim) it AFTER flowering in summer.

Please read my page about pruning roses. it will really help.
Best Regards,

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