Type Of Rose Plant To Choose

by Jacklyn
(Toronto, Canada)

QUESTION: Thank You very much for offering help, truly appreciate it.

I am planning to order some rose plants from Pickering Nurseries (I live in Canada).

There are so many kinds of roses in there that I want to really be sure I am making a right choice.

I have a large fence on my backyard about 12' feet high, I am looking for a rose plant to run on them beautifully.

Basically a rambler or a climber, but I really dont understand the difference between the two.

I actually want a cottage garden look.

ANSWER: Hi Jacklyn ! Glad to help you out.

First let me tell you the difference betwen a Rambler rose and a Climbing rose.

Ramblers are once-blooming. Meaning they only put on one huge show of blooms in early summer.

Another thing about Ramblers are that they can grow to fantastic heights, even covering a building.

They are best for spots with lots of room to grow. Such as covering an huge structure.

I recommend a Climbing rose. They are much easier to maintain.

You live in a cold climate zones, and Climbing roses are much more exposed to the weather that regular rose bushes.

So you should only plant a very cold hardy Climber from the Explorer Series, such as the red Quadra, climber.

So ask about climbing roses from the Explorer series.

They will survive the cold winters in Canada.

The William Baffin Climber is an explorer rose. Check it out on my page.
Best Regards,

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