Types Of Clematis Plants

types of clematis

Clematis Varieties By Groups

There are three types of Clematis plants. The plant labels will tell you which type of group your Clematis belongs to.

If you don't have the Clematis plant label anymore, here is detailed information about each type of clematis group.

Clematis are sorted into three different pruning groups, which depends on when the Clematis flowers.

You can plant all these clematis types with roses, however, I think group 2 and group 3 clematis look better with roses.

Intertwining Clematis and roses on a trellis, arbor or obelisk is simply beautiful, and will make your garden look grand.

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Clematis Group 1

types of clematis

Clematis Type C. armandii

The types of clematis in this group flower the earliest, and will need the least drastic pruning of all Clematis plants.

Actually, it's not always necessary to prune them at all.

Group 1 Clematis plants include C.alpina, C. armandii, C.cirrhosa, C.macropetala, and C. montana and all their cultivars.

Clematis Group 2

types of clematis

Clemitis Type C. Doctor Ruppel

This group of large flowered hybrids bloom early to mid-season.

A light pruning is all that is needed during late winter or early spring before the new shoots appear.

Among the Clematis plants in this group are C. Doctor Ruppel, C. Marie Boisselot, and C. Miss Bateman.

Clematis Group 3

types of clematis

Clematis Type C x durandii

This group belongs to late season large flowered hybrids, as well as later flowering species, and small flowering hybrids.

These Clematis need a hard pruning in early spring, before new shoots start growing.

Plants this group include Clematis x durandii, C. tangutica, and C. rehderiana.

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