Types of Flowers
To Plant Among Your Roses

types of flowers

Pictures Of Different Kinds Of
Flower Types
Perennials, Annuals
And Roses

Discover the many types of flowers that you can growin your flower garden.

There are all kinds offlowers available for any occasion or planting situation. If you are are planning to have a blue flower garden, I have a list of the best and most beautiful types of blue flowers.

Now, if you are in love with daisies, I have a list of all types of flowers that are daisies.

There are quite a few, but I have picked out the best and the prettiest of all Daisy flowers.

I love all types of lily flowers. They are so easy to grow, and the Oriental and Asian lily flowers are so fragrant, and so regal looking.

They look fabulous among my roses. And there are colors to match any flower bed color scheme that you would like.

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types of flowers

Different Types of Flowers Around The Roses

Hardy Geranium Flowers

One of my favorite flower types for underplanting roses with are the perannial hardy geraniums.

The geranium variety I like the best is the Rozanne geranium. It's so long blooming and has a sort of compact growth habit which is ideal when planted with roses.

Just Click on the headline above to view the best all the hardy geraniums.

The spring and summer selection of flower types are equally mind boggling, that's how many there are to choose from.

So to make it easy for you, I have picked out the best of the best of these flower types.

The same goes for the types of annual flowers to choose from. There seems to be Zillions to select from.

I want to help you out, so I just selected the ones that are super easy to grow, and give you the most bang for the bucks.

I just couldn't leave out the different types of wedding flowers to choose from. After all, what would a wedding be without flowers.

I have listed the types wedding flowers that most brides seem to desire for their weddings.

I think you will be able to find your perfect wedding flowers here.

Types of Blue Flowers

types of flowers

Blue Delphinium Flowers

The types of flowers that are the most requested for planting in a garden, are types of blue flowers.

I guess a lot of people love the color blue, because it goes so well with other flower colors, for example white and blue, pretty nice don't you think.

Blue and pink is simply enchanting together. And what about blue and red, again a winning flower color combination. Even orange and blue looks super good together.

The most popular and most beautiful of all blue types of flowers are listed here below. Color pictures of each will be available soon.

Blue Flower Types:

Forget-Me-Nots, Violet, Larkspur, Delphinium, Lavender, Phlox, Rozanne Hardy Geranium,Johnson Blue Geranium. Catmint, Japanese Iris, Blue Hydrangea, Blue Lobelia.

Different Types Of Roses

types of flowers

Take a look at all the many different kinds of roses. Roses likes companion plants. And on this page there are lots of great rose companion plants to choose from.

Calla Lily Flower

Calla lily weding bouquets are very popular with brides. The headline link above will take you to the calla lily plants and pictures. Just click on the link if you want more information or if you want to order calla lily flowers or plants.

Types of Daisy Flowers

types of flowers

Shasta Daisy Flowers

Daisies, who doesn't love them! These flower types just makes people happy. Daisies are the main flower used when decorating a May-Pole, during the Midsummer festivals in the country where I grew up, Sweden. So I am very fond of Daisies. I remember my mother making Daisy garlands to place on our heads. It is a most darling way to dress up a little girl for a summer party.

It's amazing how many types of daisy flowers there are. My absolute favorite Daisy flower is the Shasta Daisy, But you might like another Daisy better. Here is a list of the best of all the types of Daisy flowers.

Daisy Flower Types

Shasta Daisy, White Button Daisy, Zulu Prince Daisy, African Daisy, Gerber Daisy, Coneflower, Aster, Cereopsies, Feverfew, Black-eyed-Susan, Calendula, Mexican Sunflower

Types of Lily Flowers

types of flowers

Casa Blanca Lily Flowers

Oh Lilies, I'm in love with Lily flowers. All kinds and types of Lilies are wonderful to grow in a garden. Just plant some bulbs and they will appear every year on schedule to delight you.

My absolute favorite Lily is the Oriental Lily 'Casa Blanca'. So fragrant and so beautiful, a white queen in your garden, and they look fantastic with roses in a flowerbed.

Here are the best of all the Lily types flowers.

Lily Flowers

Casa Blanca, Stargazer Lily, Foxtail Lily, Tiger Lily, Day Lily, Madonna Lily, Lily Turks Cap, Cherry Valentine Day Lily, Asiatic Lily, Rosella's Dream, Lily of the Valley, Calla Lily

Types of Spring Flowers

types of flowers

CLICK Here to Look at Tulip Spring Bulb Flowers

When people think of spring flowers, what usually comes to mind first are the many types of flowers that come from bulbs.

Spring flowering bulbs, these types are the most exciting flowers in spring. Flowers such as Tulips and Daffodils really makes for a beautiful spring garden.

However, there are lots of other types of spring flowers to consider. Here is my list of the most beloved spring flowers to choose from.

Spring Flowers

Amaryllis, Anemone, Tulip, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley, Lilacs, Zinnia, Freesia, Cherry Blossom, Peony, Forsythia, Texas Bluebells. Plus a ton of various spring flowering bulbs.

Types of Summer Flowers

types of roses

Bonica Roses for a Summer Garden

Summer is when our gardens are brimming with colors from all the types of summer flowers that we have planted. Many bloom with abundance until frost. Plant summer flowers in pots for your patio or balcony, bring cut summer flowers inside to fill up vases or simple jelly jars for your windowsills or tables. It makes your house sparkle.

Here are my favorite and most reliable types of summer flowers to plant in your garden.

Summer Flowers

Amaranthus, Asters, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Babys Breath Ginger, Gladiolus, Delphinium, Foxgloves, Heather, Cosmos, Hydrangea, Iris and Roses of all kinds.

Types of Annual Flowers

types of flowers

Nasturtium Annual Flowers

Annual flowers only last for one season. Unless they re-seed themselves, you will have to replant these next season.

But annual flowers put on such a show and gives your garden a lot of color during the growing season, when we want to enjoy our gardens, for entertaining and simply just relaxing during the lazy days of summer, so I always tuck a lot of annuals in between my perennials and roses, for long-lasting seasonal colors.

Here are the most useful and popular annuals to grow in your garden.

Annual Flowers

Lobelia, Periwinkle, Stock, Nicotiana, California Poppy, Nasturtium, Petunia, Sweet Alyssum, Marigold, Verbena, Candytuft, Cornflower,Zinnia, Dianthus, Snapdragon, Sweet Pea, Cosmos, Cleome, Campanula,Phlox, Morning Glory, Sage, Sunflower.

Types of Wedding Flowers

types of flowers

Types of Wedding Flowers, Roses

There is no secret that most brides select roses for their wedding flowers, as roses are associated with love and passion. They are also the most romantic of all flowers. Roses are the most beloved types of flowers in the World, ever.

However there are many other types of Wedding flowers to choose from. They are all very lovely and make beautiful bridal bouquets. Here are the most requested types of flowers for a wedding. But remember, any fresh seasonal type flower should be considered for a wedding.

Wedding Flowers

Daisy Poms white, Dark Blue Iris, Freesia, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Larkspur, Calla Lily, Orchid, Stargazer Lily, Casa Blanca Lily, and of course roses in all colors. White being the most popular.

I will add pictures of all the types of flowers listed on this page in the near future, so check back often. If you add my Website to your home page, you will automatically get an updated page with all the flower pictures. Just click on the RSS feed on my Navigation bar.

Before leaving, be sure to browse the hundreds of pages filled with photographs of beautiful flower beds with roses and many different types of flowers. You'll find them all listed at the bottom of my home page


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