Types Of Hybrid Tea Roses
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types of hybrid tea roses

The Best Hybrid Tea Rose Bushes Plants

There are many types of hybrid tea roses to buy and plant in your garden.

Pink hybrid tea roses seem to be the most popular teas for gardeners.

Other very popular types of hybrid teas are Peace, Mr Lincoln, Black Magic, and Chrysler Imperial hybrid tea rose.

Personally my own favorite hybrid tea rose is Mister Lincoln. The fragrance is so intoxicatingly delicious, and the rose blooms are so lovely.

I also really like the intensely fragrant rose, Fragrant Cloud, a very approriate name for this wonderful tea rose.

More Hybrid Tea Rose Types

OLYMPIAD: A classic deep red exhibition tea rose that is very disease resistant. The flowers don't have much fragrance.

TOUCH OF CLASS: It's also known as 'Marechal le Clere'. A wonderful mildly fragrant, cutting rose with very large, high-centered coral-pink-cream rose blooms.

DOUBLE DELIGHT: A prize winning type of hybrid tea rose with charming very fragrant blooms. They open quickly with a strawberry red and white blend. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to the fungus disease, podwery mildew.

FIRST PRIZE: An upright growing disease resistant hybrid tea rose type with very thorny canes. The fragrance is a medium fruity scent. This prize winning rose with very large, double flowers that are a beautiful blend of soft rose-pink and ivory.

Most types of hybrid teas grow upright with a vase-like shape. They have thorny canes that become "bare-legged" with age.

Therefore I recommend that you underplant these roses with lower growing perennials, such as hardy geraniums. This will also make your garden beds much more attractive, keep down weeds, and keep the soil cool.

types of hybrid tea roses

Picture Of My Favorite Hybrid Tea Rose - Mister Lincoln Rose

The hybrid tea flower is thought of as a classic rose, because the tea bloom starts out as a tight beautiful bud that opens up into a stunning perfect rose.

They are a cross between hybrid perpetuals and old fashioned antique tea roses.

The plants have an attractive upright growth habit and produces one elegant flower on each stem.

There are many petals on the high centered rose blooms, from 30-60 petals, so the flowers are large and full.

Hybrid teas are perfect as cut flowers. They are the standard rose in the cut flower and florist industry.

Another reason gardeners like these roses is that they flower repeatedly all season long.

Best planted in zones 6-9, since they are cold tender, and must have good winter protection in cold winter climates such as zone 5 or lower. Many types of hybrid tea roses don't like hot weather either.


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