Types Of Perennials

types of perennials

Perennial Garden Plants And Flowers
Companion Plants For Roses

Different types of perennials, long blooming perennials for shade or full sun. A list of easy to grow perennials to use as companion plants for your roses.

Maybe you are looking for perennial flowering vines, or deer resistant perennials.

Or maybe Florida perennial flowers.

The list of perennial flowers will give you lots of ideas for your perennial flower beds with roses.

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I have included some excellent full sun perennials, perfect for roses, as well as, shade loving perennials.

All these types of perennial plants and flowers can be shipped as mail order perennials.

Here are some of the best perennials and perennial flowering plants for a garden with roses.

Purple perennial flowers look fantastic with white Iceberg roses.

You should plant a dianthus perennial, or more, in front of your pink roses, for a beautiful look.

And a perennial sweet pea vine would be an awesome combination for a climbing rose.

Since I adore the bleeding heart flower (who doesn't), I always plant a bleeding heart perennial in my flowerbed with roses.

A blue perennial should always be planted with white roses, or other white flowers.

Perennial phlox are wonderful fragrant perennials that are perfect for planting in front of tall rose bushes.

Low growing perennials should be planted in front of a rose border, or any flower border, or used as underplants for hybrid tea roses, who tend to get bare lower legs.

Plant a perennial daisy next to the burgundy iceberg rose, for a spectacular garden display.

Drought resistant perennials, such as perennial verbena, and salvia, should always be included if you live in California or other desert areas.

In conclusion, the perennial plants you should always consider are long blooming and perennials that bloom all summer, butterfly garden perennials, and late blooming perennials.

Now you will have a garden of perennials to plant with your roses.


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