Types of Roses First Brought to Mexico & American southwest by Spanish Missionaries

QUESTION: Can you tell me what type of rose was brought to Mexico and to the American Southwest by the Spanish Missionaries in the 1500 - 1700 period?

We are working at an Historic Mission is southern Arizona and need to know which varieties would be 'authentic' in the courtyard.

Would they be Damask? Castilian? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Jean! After doing some research, I believe it was most likely the antique Gallica and Alba roses.

Those were the most popular rose varieties of that time.

The Gallica rose variety The Apothecary rose, was widely planted at that time, because of it's medicinal values.

All these old antique rose varieties can be purchased at www.vintagegardens.com .

I personally buy old roses from them.

The owner, might be albe to give you more information about roses from Mexico or Spain, brought back here in during 1500 - 1700.

Best Regards,

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