Types Of Roses For Florida

by Caty
(Orlando, FL)


I wondered about your Blush Noisette Roses I see in your photo with your husband here:

Blush Noisette rose

I wonder if these grow well in Orlando (I was not sure where you were in FL).

Are they on the Rosa Fortuniana rootstock you mentioned as good FL rootstock?

I do not have much shade here, would I be able to grow them in direct sunlight?

I very much appreciate your advice!

Thank you,

ANSWER: Hi Caty! The Blush Noisette rose would do very well in Florida.

In fact all the old garden roses do well in Florida.

Roses should have 6 hours of direct sun per day to flower well.

So if you have a sunny garden, you have the right spot.

Make sure your soil drains well, because roses don't like to stand in water.
Best Regards,

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