Rose Types Made Easy
A Simple Guide to the Best Varieties

With hundreds of rose varieties available through garden centers and online rose suppliers, it can be hard to decide which type of rose to buy.

The rose classes are based on growing habits, size of flowers, the size of the rose plant and the style of rose flowers, and other rose traits.

Understanding the various types of rose classes is a good place to start your rose selection process.

On the practical side, you need a place that's the right size for the particular rose.

Beyond that, it's a matter of rose color, flower form, and fragrance.

Another very important thing is to make sure the rose is winter hardy, if you live in a cold climate zone.

Below are listed all the classifications for todays modern roses and antique roses.

peace rose HYBRID TEA ROSES The most popular types of roses. You can easily recognize it by one, single, high centered blossom per long stem. Most flowers are large and beautifully formed. Plants grow to about 5-7 feet tall. Featured rose: Peace Hybrid Tea.

iceberg rose FLORIBUNDAS Known for its large clusters of medium sized blooms that cover the rose bush all season long. The plant is generally hardy and easy to grow and maintain. It usually grows to about 3 feet tall. Featured rose: Iceberg Floribunda.

queen elizabeth rose GRANDIFLORAS They are similar to hybrid teas, but it has a unique ability to grow clusters of large hybrid tea-type flowers on strong straight stems. Featured rose: Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora.

knockout rose MODERN SHRUB ROSES Shrubs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Their blooms look sort of old fashioned. These roses are the most versatile in a landscape garden, are cold hardy and very disease resistant. They are not so good for cuttings. Featured rose: Knockout Shrub Rose.

blaze rose CLIMBING ROSES Rose bushes with long arching canes that grow from 8-25 feet tall when trained on a wall, arbor, trellis or fence. The long canes should be trained in a horizontal position to promote flower production. Wrap them around pillars for the same result. Featured rose: Blaze Climbing Rose.

mini rose MINIATURE ROSES These dense low growing types of roses are covered with tiny rose flowers, mostly in clusters. They are great for edging and for growing in containers. Compact plants that are ideal for a small garden. They grow on their own roots, so they are more hardy.

blush noisette rose ANTIQUE ROSES They are very old roses from before year 1867 that come in a range of sizes, shapes and flower forms. Most are deliciously fragrant, and many are once blooming per season, and should only be pruned after flowering in the summer, as they only bloom on last years growth. Plants can grow to 6-8 feet or more. Featured rose: Blush Noisette. Antique roses are usually hardy as well. Featured rose: Carpet Groundcover Roses.

carpet roses GROUNDCOVER ROSES Plants in this category are vigorous, low spreading, disease resistant roses that can spread up to 8 feet wide. They are used for bedding, slopes and mass plantings. They are usually hardy as well. Featured rose: Carpet Groundcover Roses.

patio rose PATIO ROSES A great way to grow roses about 4 feet off the ground. The patio tree roses are ideal for container plantings in warmer climates. Or for creating heights in a flower bed. But because they are more exposed, these plants are susceptible to winter damage in cold weather climates.

lady banks rose RAMBLER ROSES Ramblers can grow out of control, as this type of climber will grow to fantastic heights of 30 feet tall and wide. It can cover a tree or even a house. Most have only one bloom cycle each year. They tend to be winter hardy and are great for disguising unattractive structures. Featured rose: Lady Banks Rambler.

Great Rose Types for Flower Beds

types of roses

Belle Story Rose

The best rose plants for bedding preserve their color as they age, keep flowering after the first bloom, and have an attractive shape and form.

Floribunda roses, Modern Shrub roses, and Miniature roses bring continuous color throughout the season and are cluster type roses with sprays of flowers.

Always grow taller roses toward the back, if the bed is placed aginst a hedge or a wall. In an island bed, place taller roses in the middle.

Names of Roses for Beds:

Amber Queen, Belle Story, Brass Band, Crimson Bouquet, French Lace, Julia Child, Margaret Merrill, Nicole, Pat Austin, Rockin Robin, Sexy Rexy,Scentimental, The Fairy, What a Peach, Bonica.

types of roses

Great Roses For Edging

Hot Tamale Rose

Small rose types are perfect for edging island beds, borders, and hard-scape elements, such as paths, patios, driveways, and steps.

When these roses are planted close enough to visually connect, edging type roses work very well at the front of a sunny flower bed or border, where they add a garland of color. Small rose types also effectively cover the bare canes of hybrid tea roses and other leggy shrubs.

Roses used for edging should be sturdy and compact. Miniature and Mini-flora roses in particular meet these requirements, and many flower all season.

The best edging roses stand between 9-18 inches tall. Look for compact size and color compatible with neighboring plants.

Names of Rose Types for Edging:

For edging, space the following types of roses 18-24 inches apart, depending on their spread.

Applause, Baby Boomers, Behold, Cup Cake, Gizmo, Gourmet Popcorn, Hot Tamale, Kristin, Peaches N Cream, Pillow Fight, Rise N Shine, Scentsational, Sun Sprinkles, and Rainbows End.

types of roses

Great Roses for Narrow Beds

types of roses

Amber Queen Rose

In narrow flower beds and limited space, 8 to 12 foot trellised climbers work well on the walls of your house.

But some roses can work as foundation plantings in a little garden, where you can plant a row of billowing miniatures, small Shrubs or tall types of roses with a narrow, upright growth habit.

Names of Roses for Narrow Beds:

Amber Queen, Double Gold, Gizmo, Jilly Jewel, Lemon Grass, Miss Flippins, Pillow Fight, Rockin Robin, Double Delight, Scentsational, What a Peach.

types of roses

Great Roses for Hedges

types of roses

Cherry Meidiland Rose

Most rose hedges tend to be informal. These roses have a spreading nature, and are not suited for small spaces or flowerbeds.

As a result they work best in large country, cottage or larger suburban gardens, where formal gardens would be inappropriate.

They are excellent types of roses when you want to create privacy screens or barriers, block ugly views, or divide the garden into rooms, all with a lot more color and interest than a formal hedge.

Names of Rose Types for Hedges:

Betty Boop, Cherry Meidiland, Iceberg, Red Simplicity, Sevillana, Simplicity, Sunsprite, White Simplicity.

I hope these examples of rose varieties will give you ideas and help you with your planting situations in your garden.


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