Uses For Rose Petals

Different Rose Petal Uses

The uses for rose petals dates back thousands of years, that's how popular the rose petal uses are.

People all over the world, including the American Indians, have been using rose petals in medicines, cosmetics, foods and fragrances.

uses for rose petals

The petals are astringent and contain quercitrin, volatile oils and coloring agents.

The coloring agents and the flavor make them useful for adding to medicines, especially suryps.

Keep in mind that you should only use rose petals from roses that have been growing organically with no toxic spraying ever.

One of the most widely uses for the petals of roses is for weddings. They are used to decorate wedding cakes and the rose petals are used for the flower girls to sprinkle rose petals on the way to the altar.

The other use is of course in perfumes and bath products and even cosmetics.

There are almost as many fragrances in rose petals as there are rose varieties.

Rose petals scent can be fruity, spicy, or sweet or redolent of anise or musk, or many other fragrances.

Therefore the petals are often used in potpurries and pomanders.

I personally use rose petals to make rose water. I put it in a small spray bottle and keep it in my fridge.

I use it to spray my face with morning and night.

The rose water keeps my skin healthy and glowing.

So if you have fragrant roses, use the petals to make rose water with.

Medicinal Uses For Rose Petals

Rose petals have generally been used in tonics and gargles to cure sore throats, mouth sores, and stomach ailments.

Several commercial eyewashes containe rose water. Check the eyewash ingredients when at the drug store.

Culinary Uses

The fragrant rose petals are popular in salads, as garnishes, candied to decorate cakes, and to make rose teas, even rose wine.

Aromatic Uses

One of the most loved fragrances is that of the rose. It's scent has been used in perfumes and rose water, bath products, soaps, or wherever a floral scnet is enjoyed.

Ornamental Uses For Rose Petals

The ornamental qualities of the rose is world famous. Hybrid teas, floribundas, large-flowered climbers make the most spectacular display in any garden.

The cut rose blooms are favorites for rose wedding bouquet and indoor arrangements.

Cosmetic Uses

If you splash rose water on your skin for fragrance, you will also benefit from its astringent and cleansing properties which helps to keep your skin healthy.


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