Valentine Heart Rose, A Sweetheart Of A Rose


The Valentine Heart rose, a beautiful Valentine rose with romantic rose petals is one of the prettiest of the sweetheart roses.

This Valentine rose makes a beautiful bouquet of pink roses. It's hard to find more romantic roses. A floribunda rose with an absolutely charming flower form.

valentine heart rose

'Valentine Heart' Rose

The buds are the palest of scarlets, opening with blush pink on the insides of the petals then taking on variable colors of rosy pink, giving a wonderful depth to the flowers.

There is an enchanting fragrance, so fitting for a Valentine rose, and the blooms are produced continuously throughout the summer and autumn.

'Valentine Heart' is a good rose for a bed or for the front of the border, where it's fresh and romantic rose petals can be readily enjoyed.

This Valentine rose has a bushy and slightly spreading growth habit to below average height and the foilage is dark green. It was awarded a Geneva Gold Medal in 1988. Zones 4-9, height 2-3 feet.


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