Very Thorny Rose For Zone 9

by Cindy
(San Antonio, Texas)

Hi there!
I need help! I'm looking to put a Thorny beautiful, fragrant if possible rose bush under my window for security and beauty!

I need them to grow no taller than 6 ft. at maturity, but i can always trim.
I live in San Antonio, TX, so it has to be hardy in our hot/freezing weather.
And I'd love for it to have good thorns!

Please let me know what you can recommend. I truly appreciate it!
Hi Cindy!
The best and thorniest roses that will create the ultimate impenetrable hedge is the Rugosa Roses.
Most grow to about 6-8 feet tall, but you can keep it sheared to 6 feet.
That is not a problem.
These roses are also the most disease resistant roses you can grow.
Best Regards,

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