Outdoor Vinyl Trellis

Arbor And Trellis Designs Made Of Vinyl

Gardening vinyl trellis designs for a porch, patio or garden. Ornamental arbor and trellises made of vinyl.

I adore garden structures such as a garden arch trellis for roses or flowering vines. It add such interesr and charm to a any garden.

Trellises made of vinyl are great, because there is no up keep, such as painting and scraping off old paint before painting.

Low maintanence that's what these trellises are all about, and that's why you are more than likely to buy one.

I think you will love the garden trellis pattern designs on this page.

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vinyl trellis
Madrid Trellis

vinyl trellis
Vienna Vinyl Arbor

vinyl trellis
London Arbor

vinyl trellis
Cozy Arbor Bench

vinyl trellis
Dublin Arbor

The above garden structures are made of the highest quality vinyl, and will be great for many years with no upkeep.


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