Weak Tree Rose Trunk

by Debra
(Bakersfield, CA)

QUESTION: I planted some rose trees, three or four years ago. The trunks are still too weak to support the plant during heavy blooming. Is this common? I had not restaked them yet this spring and came home to one completely bowed over. They are in heavy bloom and look healthy.

Should I do something other than provide support for the trunk?

Your response would be greatly appreciated.
ANSWER: The most important thing you should do now is provide a sturdy support for the tree roses.
The trunk will snap if you don't act soon. And I mean now.
Put a stake on both side of the trunk and tie it with tape that is used for this.
Leave the stakes in until the trunk has grown thick and sturdy.
However, the stakes might have to stay in for years if your tree rose is loaded with blooms every spring.
To answer your question about tree roses bowing over under the weight of blooms: yes it's to be expected actually.
All tree roses should be staked. For sure during the first 3-5 years.
Remove all spent blooms as they fade and after the flower flush lightly trim the "round shape" and deep water and then give it a good feeding of rose food, and then water again to be sure the food reaches the feeder roots.
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