Westerland Rose

Climbing Orange Colored Roses

The Westerland rose with its bright salmon colored roses that also looks like light orange roses, are a colorful addition to any garden.

'Westerland' is a beautiful rose with its unique flower color and looks fabulous grown along a fence, like in the picture below.

The lovely double blooms with a ruffled look and petals with slightly serrated edges are very fragrant woth a nice rose scent.

Clusters of the salmon orange colored flowers appear regularly on the bush, with only a short time between repeat flowerings.

The picture of 'Westerland' climbing rose bush below shows it planted along a fence, which I think is the best use for this rose.

westerland rose

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It can also be planted as a background along a wall in a garden, with other roses and plants that are shorter or spiky, such as the blue delphiniums, planted in between.

Salmon colored roses look absolutely lovely when planted with blue or yellow companion plants. Very deep burgundy colors also are very complimentary.

westerland rose

The picture above shows the details of the 'Westerland' rose flowers and their lovely colors.

These roses look absolutely great in a vases mixed with blue flowers. Try it and you will see.

'Westerland' rose is a vigorous, upright bush that grows to above average height and has soft, dark green foilage that can suffer from disese in areas that are prone to fungus problems. In the south west it's quite disease free.

Westerland is widely grown and available everywhere. Zones 5-10, height up to 8 feet.


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