What Causes Leaf Yellowing On Roses?

I contacted your site earlier about identifying and caring for my very old rose how to identify the type of rose I have. Thanks to your information, it has been doing well, or seemed to be until a week or so ago. It leafed out earlier this spring and produced some new growth and many buds that are just beginning to open. I followed your advice about mulch and have fertilized, although sparingly. The weather has been pleasantly warm and rainfall has been good, so I have not yet needed to add water. Even so, within the last couple of weeks, more and more leaves have begun turning yellow.
What is the likely cause of this, and what is the solution?
I have read your instruction pages on general rose care but can't seem to identify the problem or what action I should take.
Thank you so much for your help.
I do think your rose has a fungal disease, such as black spot.
Warm and wet weather will usually bring on black spot.
The leaves turn yellow and fall off.
Here is my page about Black Spot.
Another thing you should check for is spider mites. Look on the undersides of the leaves. You might need a magnifying glass.
If you see any, spray with a summer oil to smother them.
Also a good spray with a garden hose nozzle will greatly reduce the spider mites population.
You could also contact your local Rose Society and ask to have someone come over to take a look at your rose.
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