What Happened to my Double Knockout Roses?

by Nancy Rollings
(Chester Va)

Hello I admit that I know very little about these roses . Last year I planted about 10 in a sunny area of my yard. THEY LOOKED BEAUTIFUL.It is early MARCH AND I have begun to clean up yard debris from around roses. I live in Virginia. When I started to work the rake around the bushes I noticed they were not in the ground. When I picked one up I could see NO ROOT at all as though they had been cut off. Oddly though they appear alive and even have started showing leaves. What happened? Is this normal or has some underground animal eaten them? Also can they be replanted since they are alive? Thank you.

Hello Nancy,
I believe your Knockout roses were "heaved out" of the ground during the cold winter.
This is not uncommon by the way.

The first thing you should do is to mulch them heavily, about 3-4 inches at once.
And water heavily.
Here is my page about Knockout Roses. Be sure to read my page about pruning knockout roses and how to care for them.
I do think they will make it based on what you wrote.
But do give the knockouts special care now.
Best Regards,

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