What Is The Best Climbing Rose
For Northern Indiana?

by Sharon

QUESTION: I have tried unsucessfully to grow two different climbers America and Cecile Brunner.

One was attacked by bunnies and the other America has canes that come back every year but no blooms.

I am not very courteous to them only cover with mulch and topsoil to protect from harsh winters.

Need advise on what is easy care-love look of Eden Rose.

Thanks for your time. Your roses are lovely!!-Do you live in warm climate?

ANSWER: Hi Sharon! Climbing roses can be hard to grow in cold winter climates.

I garden in Los Angeles, so it's easy to grow any rose here.

The Eden climbing rose is very charming, but it's cold tender, and would suffer from winter kill during cold winters.

I recommend the New Dawn climbing rose but only if you have a large enough support for it.

Altissimo rose is a rose that can survive in your climate, so it could be a good choice.
Best Regards,
Sharon, Kokomo,Indiana

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