What Is The Life Expectancy Of a Rose Bloom?

by Carl Laws
(Saint Louis, Missouri)


I am new to rose gardening, and I was thrilled with my first Mr. Lincoln bloom 2 days ago. Today, however, I noticed that the edges of the petals are darker (almost dark purple) and curling backwards. This rose has what I presume to be mildew on a few leaves. Could that be a contributing factor? (I've purchased dusting sulfur to combat the mildew.) Finally, am I just being overly-optimistic that a bloom should last for more than two days?

I'll appreciate whatever help you can provide. I really like your website and have it bookmarked prominently.

BTW, the edges in the photo aren't nearly as dark as they are in reality.

Hello Carl,
Mister Lincoln' rose blooms tend to acquire a blue tinge as they age.
The blooms on my Mr. Lincoln rose bush usually last at least 5-7 days.
Of course, weather conditions could change that for sure.
The life of a rose bloom depends on the rose variety.
For example, the Westerland climbing rose blooms only lasted 2 days.
I got disgusted, and got rid of that rose.
Mr Lincoln has gorgeous velvety red blooms that are intensely fragrant and are usually long-lasting.
I just love this rose.
If you have humid hot weather, the rose has a tendency to get mildew.
Spray the foliage with Neem Oil and also spray the soil underneath the bush.
This will kill the fungus spores.
Here is my page about Mister Lincoln Rose

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