What Kind Of Climbing Pink Rose Should I Plant

by Lyndi
(Greensboro, NC )

QUESTION: I have two arbors that I would like to plant climbing roses on.

The first, receives full sun, and is located near two large red double knock-outs.

I obviously want the color of the new climber to compliment the existing roses.

I love pink! Would the colors clash? The other arbor receives morning sun mostly (I live in NC, so we have nice, warm summers, zone 7).

I wouldn't mind putting a pink climber here also; maybe just a different one--to change things up.

I also should mention I would love to have ones that bloom as long as possible. (I'm so spoiled by the double knock-outs.

Mine bloomed June thru late November this year!)

I would welcome any suggestions. The knock-outs are the only roses I have now. Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Lyndi! I will recommend a couple of pink rose varietes. Yes pink rose actually looks good with red roses, at least in my garden

For your arbor with mostly morning sun, the Zephirine Drouhin rose would be perfect as this old repeatflowering rose tolerates a bit of shade, it's also very fragrant

Another of my favorite pink climbing rose that is very long-blooming is the Blush Noisette rose. It does the best in warm climates such as yours.

Ok here is another, it's the Eden rose.

The two first ones are most likely going to be the best.
Best Regards,

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