When And How To Prune Roses

Best Time To Prune and Pruning Techniques

When and how to prune roses: People are always asking me "when and how do I prune my roses?

The best time for pruning roses is just as the buds are beginning to swell on the canes in spring and after the last frost.

Make sure your pruners are sharp so you get a clean cut.

And always disinfect them before and after each cut using rubbing alcohol.

Cut just above an outward facing bud using a 45 - degree angle downwards toward the ground.

The pith in the center should be creamy in color.

So if the center still looks brown, keep pruning until it's white.

Severe pruning is defined as a result of 3-4 stems that are about 8-12 inches tall and will beget few but large blooms.

when and how to prune roses

Moderate pruning is leaving 5-12 canes at a height of about 2 feet, giving you a larger bush and denser plant with lots of flowers.

Light pruning could be defined as maintenance pruning that removes dead wood and helps to shape the rose plant.

Pruning Tips For Climbers
Floribundas and Polyantha Roses

Climbing roses should not have their long canes cut back, unless they are growing out of bounds.

The shorter lateral flowering canes growing out from the sides of the long canes, should be cut back to about 2 inches, even if they are long.

Cut back floribundas and polyanthas by about a third, leaving as many canes as you can to get more flowers.

I don't recommend fall pruning at all, because whenever you prune a rose it encourages new tender growth that will cause die-back when frost comes, so wait to prune until spring.

After pruning add a 2 inch layer of organic compost around the roses and wait to fertilize until you see new growth emerging.

So now you know when and how to prune roses.


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