When To Buy And
Plant New Rose Bushes?

by Frank
(Southern California)

QUESTION: I Found a couple of rose bushes I would like to buy, but it is December 3 and I'm not sure if it O.K. to plant new plants in the dead of winter?

Or to wait and buy the rose's I want from you folks in the spring and plant them then.

I live in Southern California. Frank Andrus

ANSWER: Hi Frank! Since you live in Southern California you can plant roses now.

Planting rose now will give them a head start, because the feeder roots will have time to grow, before early spring.

This will result in a more rose flowers when the weather turns warm in spring.

You should prune the roses in early January, and wait about 3 weeks for giving fertilizer.

Do not feed the roses when planting, because you want them to go dormant before pruning.

Just put some bone meal in the hole, and water well.
Best Regards,

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