When To Cut Back Knockout Roses
Pruning Knock Out Roses

by Mary
(Nashville, TN, USA)

QUESTION: Annelie,
I live in middle Tenneessee.

Should I have cut back out Knock Out Roses already or wait until spring?

Our climate is pretty mild so they begin blooming right in the early springtime.

Thank you in advance. I enjoy your site very much.

It's very rich in information about roses and personable, too.

ANSWER: Hi Mary! I garden in Los Angeles, and I just pruned my Knockout roses January 3.

I have a page about when to prune roses and it will give you information about the correct pruning time in your area.

In a climate area like yours, there are pockets of warm and cold areas.

So to be sure, ask your local garden nursery that sells roses, or contact your Tennesee Rose Society.

But the best way, is to make sure all danger of frost is gone, and then watch for buddings appearing on the rose canes.

Now you can prune.
Best Regards,

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