When Will Blaze Climbing Roses Grow?

(Alberta Canada)

I recently planted 3 Blaze rose bushes in my garden about 3 weeks ago. It is a 25 ft long raised flower bed that is aprox 1-1.5 feet high. So far nothing has happened. My husband put a lot of fresh cow manure on top of the flower bed so I am worried this might cause a problem. I moved it away and planted them in the ground with peat and topsoil and bone meal. I also watered them with Miracle Grow for roses. When will I see them start to grow? Have I dont something wrong? (I bought them in containers).
Putting fresh (not composted) cow manure in the soil is an absolute no-no. It will burn the feeder roots and kill the roses or any other plant.
You just planted these roses 3 weeks ago. Roses have to grow below, before they can grow above.

Right now the Blaze climbers are busy growing feeder roots, and are spending all their energy doing that.
They need lots of feeder roots to grow the long arching canes from where the shorter flowering shoots will grow.
Many times climbers will take a season, or so, doing this.
You could scratch some Epson salts (half a cup) around their base.
Water deeply afterward so the salts reaches the rose roots.
You aren't doing anything wrong (except for raw cow manure), so you just have to be patient with the Blaze climbing roses.
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