Where Can I Find a pre-1867 Hedge Rose

by Janet Walker
(Indianapolis IN)


Looking for a specific very fragrant old, old, rose that blooms in a cluster of flowers that are loose petaled, medium dark rose color and very fragrant, bloom once in June. Any ideas for sources?

Hello Janet,
Yes there are hedge roses that are very old, they are call Rugosa roses.
Some of the rugosa varieties dates back to the 15 century.
All are very fragrant and make amazingly dense hedges that are impossible to penetrate.
Because they are very thorny, so they have been widely used in Europe to keep unwanted out.

They are also very beautiful, and never get black spot or any diseases.
Pruning is minimal in spring. They don't like to pruned a lot.

Here is my page about pruning rugosa roses.
Hope this helps you out.

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